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Painting Party - THE BOOK!

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I'm currently sold out of my book, but more have been ordered - so head over to Amazon or Book Depository in the meantime... thanks!

So, I wrote a book... and I'm looking forward to signing it for you! :)

You can get 'Painting Party' here - if you're not in Australia, you can get it in great US bookshops or on Amazon here.

Wherever you buy it, I'd love it if you could leave a review on Amazon. :)

Published by North Light Books in the US, I have included TWELVE of my favourite Paint Along projects - from butterflies and owls to flowers and Monet's bridge - all featuring lots of colour! Each painting is broken down into easy-to-follow steps that guarantee great results, yet with plenty of built-in opportunities for you to add your personal touch.

Just like in my studio Paint Alongs, it's edu-tainment... I'll teach you about art supplies, mindset and my very important 'two glasses' approach to painting, and then we'll get stuck into the fun stuff!

There are no complicated theories or tricky techniques. Materials lists tell you exactly what you need. Step-by-step instructions tell you precisely what to do. Simply follow along, sign your name and display with pride.

Like any good party, the most important thing is to have fun. Your skills and confidence will grow with every stroke.

  • 12 whimsical paint-along projects spanning a variety of favourite subjects such as princesses, peacocks, and tulips
  • Advice on selecting materials and setting up your painting space
  • A variety of fun techniques including painted collage, stenciling, "beginner's Impressionism" and negative space painting

Thanks so much!

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