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Wednesday Wonder Workshop

  • $10000

Choose either the morning Sunshiners session (10-1) or the evening session (6-9).

"Working in a Series" (2 weeks $100 + $40 goody box)

6 and 13 September 

We'll talk about subjects and mediums that you like, and set up to paint/draw/make between 6 and 10 related pieces over the two sessions. We'll uncover why artists work in a series and the advantages of doing so. I will guide and critique you to paint a cohesive and attractive series. We'll definitely be wearing imaginary berets for this one!


PLEASE NOTE - New Wonderers will also need to purchase a 'Starter' Goody Box of art supplies for $40, or request a list of supplies needed (so you can bring your own).  

All additional supplies needed in class are included in the price. 

See you in the studio! :)

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