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15 Flowers - the eCourse

  • $12000

Think of this like an art bootcamp, just with no yelling or sweating... you just get to exercise your art muscles and I'm guiding you all the way. The results can be fantastic!

Join me and learn to draw and paint 15 individual blooms and then take all that you’ve learned to paint an amazing floral artwork of your very own.

Inspired by real flowers, artificial blooms, books, photos and online sources, I will talk you through truly seeing the shapes and colours, building your confidence and skills with pencils and brushes.

The eCourse was originally a live course, and is now completely self paced… so there’s an invitation to create but no pressure or deadlines! You'll have access to all 15 (to be honest, there are actually 17) flowers and can choose which ones you want to start to draw and paint straight away.

Once you register and pay you will receive an email confirmation and class information straight away.

PLEASE EMAIL ME if you would like to pay in two equal instalments as that is just fine too.

You will be sent your website access immediately upon payment.

  • You have indefinite access to the website so there is no deadline or pressure to create
  • Over 35 videos and 30 printable examples to work from
  • You can pause, rewind and rewatch each video as often as you like (I'm told the 'pause' button is a great thing!)
  • PLUS you will receive access to a special facebook group to connect with other 15 Flowers artists

The eCourse was originally a ‘live’ 3 week class, but has now been redesigned for self guided fun.

All the content is ready for viewing straight away.

CLICK HERE to see the original invitation video!


  • eCourse is hosted on a private website that only registered students are able to access
  • you will have "forever" access to the ecourse (ie. for as long as I have Shiny Happy Art, and I'm not planning on going anywhere soon)
  • basic computer skills are needed
  • there are LOTS of videos so a high speed internet connection, or the ability to download and save videos to your hard drive is recommended
  • supplies needed are very simple – coloured pencils, paper, acrylics, canvas paper, brushes and a canvas for the final project – a full list is available on the website
  • due to the nature of this course, no refunds are available

Some testimonials from current 15 Flowers students:

I just feel so happy …. And hubby is happy that I’m at home and not out at shops spending money! But sshh! Don’t tell him about the art shop! 

I really am enjoying the two part process. I have always drawn – but never painted confidently at all. Watching you paint so beautifully is a great learning tool!

Loving these e-tutorials … Am learning new things with each one, improving with each one. So much fun … 

This is the best eCourse…we are being challenged and Anna and our peers. It is great…I am learning so much from our drawing and painting’s giving me experience like I’ve never had before..very satisfying.

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