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Online Paint Along - IRISES

  • $4400

Get loose with your acrylics and let Anna show you how to paint these gorgeous irises, step by step.

You'll learn a little bit about irises as we go! And this loose, layered style of painting is perfect for beginners, building up colours to create something really special.

In this Online Paint Along, here's what you get 'forever' access to:

  • 9 comprehensive videos, each up to 10 minutes (so you can fit it into your life), showing you exactly what to do and why
  • you can go at your own pace
  • step by step photos and written instructions
  • Anna's famous 'Positivity Pep Talk'
  • Comprehensive list of art supplies and materials

A note from Anna:

I'm a big fan of the iris. There's something about nature putting together that purply-blue, bright yellow and green that makes me smile.

In this painting we'll be adding colour to colour, building up the depth in the painting as we go. You'll also add to your 'vocabulary of marks' (that's a Monet-ism) as we use brushes and eventually, fingers!

I hope you enjoy painting these irises with me :)

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