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Wednesday Wonder Workshops - Term 3, 2018 - Chicken Artists :)

  • $24000

Choose either the morning Sunshiners session (10-1)
or the evening session (6-9).

6 weeks total
$240 incl GST
 - 25 July, 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 August 2018

Look, I know the whole 'Chook Book' thing sounds a bit odd, but since it popped up in one of our Wednesday conversations, I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head.

So this time the theme that links all our amazing artists together, is that they've all painted chickens (or roosters) among other things. You'll learn about them, and then have the opportunity to fill your One Page Wonder Journal with chicken pictures inspired by those artists. I'll also have a project based on other examples of the artist's work (this is a fabulous way to learn), or to do your own artwork inspired by the artist of the day.

I'm thinking Picasso, Chagall, Chinese Sumi art, Da Vinci (although these may change - it's a 'Wonder (what we're going to do today) Workshop' after all!).

I supply quality art supplies and watercolour paper to create your One Page Wonder Journal and all additional supplies needed for the projects throughout the term (unless we have the opportunity to do something outside my current budget, in which case it will be optional!).

There will be room to wiggle - the inspiration artwork you choose can be different to mine, and that will be encouraged - so I can support you to create something that is very much yours.

And we'll definitely all be unstoppable if there's ever an Art Trivia night on!


PLEASE NOTE - New Wonderers will also need to purchase a 'Starter' Goody Box of art supplies for $40, or request a list of supplies needed (so you can bring your own).  


See you in the studio! :)

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